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Below letter was sent to the largest 350 law firms in America in 2017, staggered and cc copied to rival firms. Source

Foxfire TV/CN News Portal

The American people have a right to know of my letter to FBI Director
James Comey 23rd October 2016, 2 weeks before your election, A letter
acknowledged by the U.S. Justice Department. Certainly you know the

I had advised the FBI that my earlier attempt to take control of the
U.S. Economy by way of Australian Media weakness (250,000 letters)
between 2005 and 2010 had compromised Mrs Clinton and then Prime
Minister Rudd. All emails in this campaign were c.c. copied to Chinese
State Security. The State Department simply covered it up and put out
a story about Russian hacking which was trivial by comparison. It's
also worth remembering that Wikileaks has this story and have not
released it as it doesn't suit Russian interests.

You call this Democracy?  I don't need feedback - I demand the Inspector General
stop covering it up. I am available to testify before the U.S. Supreme
Court. I had prepared for the campaign by writing to all large U.S.
law firms (top 100) I couldn't find anyone in America's Legal
fraternity interested in U.S. law or Constitution and so will expand
this mail out. Do not be concerned that I'm in any danger of a lawsuit.

Steve Maynard
CEO Foxfire Media Group

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The U.S. Department of Justice are not stupid, they realise the damage they have done to the U.S. re the Assange extradition. He is not American and only did normal journalism. 
The real issue that is kept from Americans is that they are scared he knows or will find out on the darkweb about Foxfire. Thus bringing down the Government. 
Its not about revenge for them. He is a broken man. Not even a sicko would want more that that. 
Foxfire is behind this. 

Submission Reference ID: Y2J37H4M Most Recent CIA submission.

4th November 2021

I hope the U.S. prosecution case on Wikileaks is not hinging on the above letter sent out to 1000's of U.S. lawyers in 2016. The Wikileaks line was after all just a fishing expedition to me and I would have told Justice that if asked. I was simply meddling. What are the chances the CIA investigated me (with Australian Federal Police) after all I was threatening U.S. Senators (like select commitees ) all through 2017. I knew it was a fair bet U.S. and Australian politicians would be self serving in the first instance (they are only now worrying about jail terms).

The Australian Federal Police knew that I was harmless and the sum total of my knowledge of Russian Security was from playing Goldeneye on Nintendo 64. 

So what was said at the time? Again I observe its over to the U.S. Supreme Court. 

29th October 2021

Google pondering why the Australian Government would attempt to restrict Googles domination of search in Australia when they have Foxfire hanging over their necks like a hangmans noose. 

The reason is that they have it sewn up tight, Federal Opposition, Federal Police, Defence Intelligence, all Ombudsman, the State (Labor) Government.

All hanging together (ironic turn of phrase actually).
I have nothing against Google or Facebook for that matter. Foxfire is entirely focussed on the Metaverse and has been for over a decade...
since well before the mail outs to U.S. Law firms and U.S. Congress. (U.S. Justice and U.S. Defense Intelligence are so F***ing corrupt I need not mention them I guess though the paper trail there should be interesting.

Seriously Google, you dont think I care about Australian search? ... or are a danger to you? I want this before the U.S. Supreme Court and we will see how clever corrupt and unpatriotic U.S. and Australian Politicians are.

No matter how powerful they are... the U.S. Supreme Court can flush these turds. 

13th October 2021
Bidens "Build the swamp back better" does a little struggle with credibility, especially in contrast to the cost estimates of the Foxfire proposal. 

"5 Trillion dollars" - compared to - er... well "zero". 

The Foxfire proposal has been offered to the U.S. administration for free. 

7th October 2021

This Facebook stuff puts me in an awkward position to comment on. Obviously Facebook was just chasing money (successfully) and didnt deliberately act against U.S. interests. 
Mainstream Media and Congress in their quest to keep the status quo are acting against U.S. interests in this matter. 
As the one person who would gain most from Congressional attacks on Big Tech I should keep quiet, however as apparently the only major player interested in serving U.S. interests I should speak up regardless of the ongoing deliberate illegal collusion of vested interests. 

President Trump I would urge you to relook at this matter. 

20th September 2021

Writing from the most locked down city on the planet : Melbourne I should point out the well spun but comical criminal negligence of the Australian "authorities" with regards Covid 19. 
We are on a remote island with no possibility of illegal entry, we are self supporting in food and water and have plenty of money from natural resource sales to China to buy any amount of vaccines. 
You might presume a shaved monkey could get this right. Actually I dont need to say anymore... the situation is I am sure clear.

My message to the powerful military industrial sector is you are misreading this. Australia has not pivoted to the U.S. for ideological reasons. It has done it because China has sabre rattled and threatened trade. If a new leader was chosen in China, more moderate, we could as easily pivot back. 

19th September 2021

*I wonder what changed re submarines since the 2016 French agreement?! I wonder if Foxfires 2016 mailout to the U.S. has allowed Biden to blackmail Australia. * Too bad its classified. And too bad its entirely cosmetic for the Biden Administration.
Buying a couple of conventionally armed submarines will not undo 30 years of self serving by Australian "authorities"   and is not going to suddenly make us a military power . The ADF's own estimates are that we would last 3 or 4 days against China.

Nor will a couple of "Girls for Coding" programs make us less laughable in digital media. 

Message to Senator Rand Paul. If you allow any sort of spin to affect your politics ... its self sustaining. The only solution is through the courts and some high profile prison sentences. 
Americans are horrified that they cant trust a word the Pentagon or White House says but Australians have been living this nightmare for decades. A handful of people run Australia.
Put it to Supreme Court Justice Roberts and bring decency back to Washington. 

2nd September 2021

Foxfire.TV/CN Global Media Portal.

Comey, Mueller and Durham all knew about Foxfire and its interference into the 2016 election. Not even Congress seems to be able to get the Justice Department to open those files.

Your move Chief Justice Roberts, and with all due respect can I remind you of the actual role of the Supreme Court. 

The Supreme Court exercises the power of judicial review, whereby it can declare acts of Congress or the state legislatures unconstitutional. Executive, administrative, and judicial actions also are subject to review by the court.

A note to Justice. Dont take this site as proof you can ignore me. 

1. By never editing I have effectively date stamped all material. 
2. I am not trying to recieve public recognition. I am only interested in a legal breakthrough. 

10th August 2021

After 20 years of counter pressure on digital media Foxfires approach to the U.S. Supreme Court has  Australian "authorities" fouling themselves in fear.

Under direction from the Biden administration they have founded a working group to "make Australia significant beyond selling China iron ore to make their battleships".

We have less than 100 (tech) firms that employ more than 200 employees so the Government have grabbed a couple of the so called success stories from whatever dark corner they could find (note that financial services /banking are heavily regulated in Australia so we can ignore Atlassian and others as their "success" is questionable) and teamed them with search bohemoth the American Google to compete with the Americans in tech.

Sorry I had to vomit. Back again...

The situation finds me in synch with right leaning law abiding Americans. Take these criminal scum out and I will appear in any and all related U.S. enquiries.
Any more hesitation will have your Covid death toll at the million mark when the virus inevitably mutates. Centralised first click control in law abiding hands will beat this.
By law abiding I mean a hopefully newly patriotic and less corrupt Congress.

(Message to Glenn Greenwald... I have tried to contact you through the Intercept).

10th August 2021

Facebook and Microsoft wondering how they can monitize Foxfires ideas on the METAVerse.
Ideas shown (with posting date) on the website under upcoming projects. 

CNN: Why Silicon Valley is betting on making this dystopian sci-fi idea a reality

Updated 1828 GMT (0228 HKT) August 9, 2021

18th June 2021

Interesting point that if I gave President Trump the Foxfire portal, with the story being forced open by Congress (the U.S. Justice Department is proveably laughably corrupt) it would hand him the Presidency. Global reach, vindication and the ability to force through any policies the Republicans want.
Worth a thought eh.5th June 2021

I am not even American much less Republican, but this Fauci/gain of function stuff is sickening.
President Trump would have won in a landslide if this had come out 6 months ago.
Gloves off people, you need to go in hard. Criminals have to be prosecuted and you know it.
Many in establishment America will seek to cover this up of course but I would remind Americans that when these people started to act against U.S. interests they lost all moral authority.  

( As there is a surge in interest by U.S. law enforcement I should underline just what Foxfire is.
Australia can be considered a Totalitarian Lite. Foxfire is a mainstream media company that has been illegally suppressed in a way that has become too familiar to Americans. Selectively ignoring facts and downplaying ill favoured issues. Basically what would happen to an anti party media organization in Hong Kong, though Australia is handcuffed in their ability to act using law enforcement. The Federal Police obliged however by gagging politically sensitive subjects.

The handful of people who control Australia are happy with the status quo. Never mind the rise of the Internet or the rise of China. Our media, hand in hand with the Government has done what Americans most fear. Yet there is hope as the ass covering from these criminals hasnt been practiced. They assumed they were all powerful (and they were dumb)). 

Steve Maynard. 
CEO Foxfire.

1st May 2021

Apples lawyers seem remarkably undisturbed by Justice Department corruption considering the risk to Apples business model. Shall I sketch it out? All apps and games would be reviewed within Foxfire (by users like with Wikipedia) and from there make their selection to go to the App store, Google Play or Steam. Ringing any alarms bells?

Does anyone think that these huge investigations haven't turned up anything on Foxfire? The Justice Department pretending they see nothing strange about this. They are acting directly against U.S. Law Constitution and American interests. The only question is who is compromised? 
13th April 2021

A reminder to the U.S. Justice Department that all the players in the Media enquiry have been threatened by me. Newscorp, Nine, all Australian Senators, former Prime Ministers Turnball and Rudd to name a few. (Dumb arse criminals didnt realise I was playing the long game). Its just garbage what they are saying and I am sure you are aware of that.

Your interest in this is "how much has Newscorp compromised U.S. national security". Well... a lot actually but till you open this Pandoras Box up its all going to be smoke and mirrors. 

I repeat my availability to testify under oath before Congress and the various Senate intelligence committees. U.S ones I mean. I am not available to any Australian enquiry and Americans should realise the reason why...

(It should be noted that I havent said this before and by checking the posting date of this update we can see they were not going to ask me anyway. You can see why, .. Foxfire is the only significant digital media player in Australia). 

...that I have threatened, on numerous occasions, the Australian Federal Police and senior members of ASIO and Defence Signals. (you criminals are all going to jail, any deal with the Americans you are trying to pull comes to naught with me in front of Congress). 

My message to Newscorp is... yes you are screwed but I have bigger fish to fry. 

Attorney General Garland, as you are presumably not personally compromised, where do you want to start? I am no expert on U.S. law but the "Duty to Act" would be a good start. I file against the U.S. Justice Department with you overseeing. The bottom line (so far) 562,000 avoidable deaths, the worst crime of this sort in your history was easily preventable. Ilegal collusion against President Trump is easily provable. After all if they did this with Foxfire do we seriously doubt it was done to the former President. 

President Trump removed by the simple expedient of illegal collusion and appealing to the mass of U.S. voters with the fantasy...  " everyone is equal and deserving of respect". A great idea and morally correct but I say fantasy as the Democrats dont believe this anymore than Republicans. 

The right wing of America is clearly patriotic, no matter if you think they are misguided. Democrats and mainstream media seem as though they are auditioning for the U.N. or European Union. There is nothing wrong with the attitude " America is best" as championed by President Trump and right wing supporters. 

The situation in Australia can be easily rectified with a meeting between you and State to commence trade retaliation till Australia meets its legal requirements. 
Newscorp is also your problem as is a U.S. registered conglomerate. (That is if you are quite finished watching this Media enquiry farce, whose only purpose is to keep the status quo).

I should comment on the Government owned ABC website overtaking as our most trafficked site. This is utterly meaningless. You dont see China bragging about the ratings of Xinhua or They have captive markets and cant be measured in this way. The ABC is propaganda - albeit very subtle. 

Steve Maynard
CEO Foxfire Media Group.  

13th March 2021

If you are being finally forced to look at this matter Inspector General Horowitz, you will note Rod Sims of the ACCC has testified before the Senate Committee in Australia  (part of the comedy festival probably) that Newscorp is not a monopoly as Nine and the ABC/SBS (Government owned)  have some market share.
(This is actually called oligopoly  being 3 or more firms; though it must be said Nine and Seven West are pretty insignificant)
He further testified that he sees no issue that Newscorp is American.

He is either a liar or  staggeringly  incompetent. I would remind you that although I am pro American- I am not so stupid as to not see an issue.He has even been told by a former Prime Minister at the Senate enquiry it was a huge problem. (The ACCC have multiple complaints from me they are no doubt deleting).

Former Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop has claimed there is a small group of men calling the shots in Australia (her words… “they call themselves the ‘Big Swinging Dicks’ .”

(One of them Mathias Cormann is newly appointed to the OECD as its Chief).

These handful of men that ignored the Internet, the rise of China and ignored the fact Australia had a tool for controlling the death toll globally for corona virus in the form of the Global Foxfire Portal. They simply wanted to keep power where it was and they ignored anything that didnt fit that mindset. 

Inspector General Horowitz are you going to defend them? 532,000 dead in your country alone. 2.63 million globally.  The damage they did containing Australian digital Media will echo through decades. Australia's wealth has simply come from selling minerals to China, the mineral wealth that was accidently given to us by Great Britain at Federation. (Australia was worthless at the time).

Inspector General Horowitz, as you look at the evidence (and surmise what has been illegally deleted) do you doubt these parasites knew we had a tool to control the death rate of CoronaVirus in America and elsewhere.

Google and Facebook, you have the muscle- flush these turds, even if your Government baulks. There would be no more talk  of paying for News as what these local outlets are presenting is not news. Its news that doesnt effect their ratings which is a different matter.

Foxfire and its story is the biggest hard news story by far of the century.

16th Feb 2021

We should all reflect how we got to this point. America made it clear at 2016 that it must not be business as usual. It was that wave that propelled President Trump into the White House. 
President Biden made it quite clear that there would be no fundamental change without a violent revolution (knowing of course that 99% of Americans would never think of such a thing). 
Well... maybe. After all the Supreme Court can overule the Election if proof came out that this is how it went down. Donald Trump is the key. You can still force this into the Courts. Go for it. I have your back against these traitors masquerading as public servants. 

(Also I should address recent developments. With Foxfire in mind the U.S. Justice Dept. under instruction from President Biden, has clearly read Murdoch at Newscorp the riot act...Come to terms with Google or else. To Google it has said, come to terms with the Aussies. ($30 Million paid to Nine wont even cover their bail). President Biden is solidly part of Establishment and has reassured key players he will have the Australian Governments back regardless of the law and U.S. Constitution. Of course all this goes pear shaped if anyone else trots it out. Even right wing players in America who have had their ability to communicate severely impaired still have their channels. Facebooks instransigence seems to imply they are not knee deep in crap (read incriminating emails) like Newscorp. Facebook may not have known about Foxfire at Zuckerbergs level. 

3rd Feb 2021

Microsoft Chief Executive Satya Nadella

I would stay out of this if I were you. I will testify for Google and it wont be a slap on the wrist like 1998-2002, (Foxfire was involved) this time Anti trust is going to break Microsoft up. You can illegally cooperate with the Australian Government like last time (well Steve Ballmer did anyway) but this time you are staring down the barrel of an angry Congress. I repeat I am a big supporter of big tech but this conspiracy of silence is going to cost guilty parties, Bigly.

I should stress I dont believe the electoral fraud talk. My concern is that supposedly neutral parties have colluded to get rid of President Trump because they believed him bad for business (for the Establishment). Without reference to what was good for America. 
President Trump, I havent given up on you sir. Republicans won that election. Get the Democrat Presidential team into a criminal court and we will see if they value their skins enough to give up the others. Go for the weakest links. 

Update 10/12/2020

President Trump, there is only one way forward now. Invoke the insurrection act (but without martial law) The U.S. Justice Department to present everything they have to the Supreme Court who is the final arbiter on Constitutional matters.

 The heart of the matter is that establishment authority cannot scheme to keep the status quo without reference to National interests.

For Foxfire the deregistering of the Democrat Party is an acceptable outcome. If the Supreme Court decides to have an interim appointment while the matter is looked at under a microscope (what about President Bush being recalled from retirement- At least that would make in clear the Republicans actually won the election despite the illegally coordinated actions of establishment authority). 
I am available to offer evidence.  I offer full ownership of the Portal and the Trademark which has protected in for 20 years. (No strings or money required) to the United States. 

To the Supreme Court I can suggest an outcome that Americans can unite behind. I will talk to you about that in more detail face to face.

Update 10/12/2020

A coalition of Attorneys General are taking Big Tech to court as they secretly discuss Foxfire's attempt to seize control of the U.S. economy (behind closed doors so no one in the public knows about their attempt to screw America's future). 
To kick the biggest companies in America in the goolies right before a great depression. WOW. 
The self serving incompetence! I don't blame Big Tech, I blame the Establishment - and I am sure many Americans would agree. 
To act against the U.S. at this moment in time simply to keep the status quo.

Screw em -  President Trump. Get me before the full bench of the U.S. Supreme Court, you come too and bring Attorney General Barr, U.S. Attorney John Durham and Special Investigator Mueller. Big Tech are not corrupt. They are just doing what everyone else is doing only better. The same cant be said of the Democrat Presidential team, Mass Media, and the heads of the big Departments(All of whom knew about Foxfire). 

Acting against America simply to keep the status quo is called Treason. No matter how many people do it.

(I am sure I dont need to comment on the attempt to get Google and Facebook to pay for news in Australia, when the Australian Government has illegally banned and gagged our biggest news provider Foxfire).  

Update 07/11/2020


Established authority in America is ALSO comfortable with the status-quo regardless of national interests.

As such the election was worthless and will not stand in a court room. The U.S. Supreme Court has an obligation to ask the hard questions.

  1. Could Foxfire have changed the mind of urban Democrat voters if the truth of this matter was revealed?
  2. Is there evidence that the big institutions colluded (albeit informally) to remove President Trump to simply keep power and influence where it is without reference to national interest?

If either of these can be proven the election must be overturned.

A reminder to Christopher A. Wray that Steve Bannon might get his wish (maybe the modern equivelant of your head on a pike) if you do not obey the law. 

Steve Maynard
CEO Foxfire.

Update 20/10/2020

President Trump, I understand the strategy of having Republican base vote in person (you will initially look like you are winning). But if it is White House strategy to then halt counting on the grounds of wide spread fraud… I'm thinking this won’t wash with McConnell and other Republican heavy weights.

If referred to the Supreme Court this is not a winning strategy. However Foxfire will win in the U.S. Supreme Court and I can follow up in the civil courts targeting Democrats only: ignoring any irregularity from the White House. This is a winning strategy. Again I ask you to send Barr to meet me in Melbourne. We will get your enemies in a big way.  

Update 08/10/2020
Democrats risk criminal conspiracy and Treason charges by pretending they havent heard of Foxfire in the Big Tech Enquiry. 
The findings from the House judiciary committee concluded in its nearly 500-page report...

"Congress should rein in top US tech companies, lawmakers' inquiry finds"

This is their big news apparently. 

Update 27/09/2020

Mr President. 

I dont mean any disrespect but I have a different point of view on the Supreme Court. 
They have had no input on the 3 main issues facing America, and I want to see you recognised as the winner you are.
Not to mention they are going to stack SCOTUS to dilute the right wing agenda. 

  • Relative danger of China and Russia etc. There seems to be an inverse correlation between wealthy nations and how dangerous they are to the rich and powerful. (need to keep an eye on Samoa and Iceland eh guys). 
  • Corona Virus response (in the way Congress and the State Governors are pulling in a different direction to the White House. 
  • Foxfire. Despite being directly in their field of influence they have allowed a foreign company to be in the position of calling 2 elections. The law seems to be completely non existent when talking of Media. (or Politics). 

So I question their input. Even in a pure domestic matter they could hardly overturn Roe Vs Wade with the vast majority of Americans disagreeing. I shudder to think of what turn matters could take if they tried. 

The Supreme Court being stacked means nothing in the important areas. You need to win this election. The Supreme Court cannot/will not save you if criminal charges are brought to members of your Administration. 

Kind Regards,
Steve Maynard
CEO Foxfire.
Update 05/09/2020

You have to laugh at this Google/Facebook news issue. Foxfire is the only significant news provider in Australia, (albeit illegally blockaded). The ACCC is fully aware of this as they illegally consult with the Government on this issue.

(The Australian Federal Police and Defence Intelligence are busy destroying early correspondence as it dawns on them that local politicians can't save them from jail terms and they cant save politicians). 

Too bad the FBI have it (not to mention U.S. Antitrust). My advice to the compromised Australians  is that there is no hiding if the U.S. Department of Justice acts. You will be screwed. (Note the U.S. is reacting and pressuring Australia on China relations using this information).

I dare say both Google and Facebook know of this but are under a Justice Department gag. Though it must be said that the U.S. Justice Department are more likely biding their time rather than simply do a "catch and kill" exersize like the Aussies.  

Still, not really safe is it? Exposure could come from extreme Left like Anonymous or Wikileaks. Extreme right like QAnon. State players with a grudge. I am beholden to no one, I just serve decency and justice. That said I am supportive of President Trump as he is battling corruption on so many levels.

One of the worst is " politically correct corruption" where people vocally support things they dont believe in. The Democrats are launching this kind of attack day after day. Really a kind of populism... for example Kamala Harris may well be a good Vice President. But thats not why she was chosen. For the Democrats it was simple maths... how may voters in women and minorities will she bring onboard? Its quite repellent really that Democrats power players may well despise her privately. 

Steve Maynard
CEO Foxfire.

Update 22/8/2020

President Trump,

Bases are loaded. ,Remember NO WIN No PAY. (Not that I want money- maybe just a little of your time).

Assuming Democrat victory in November, Attorney General Barr consults with the Supreme Court which after all, leans Republican. Election is discredited and overturned. The Courts demand full recount for both Houses. I campaign (with the facts as disclosed by Justice – whether they like it or not) in the (below mentioned) 16 seats that Democrats would need to lose to ensure Republican victory.

Senate, Presidency and Congress in Republican hands. What price would you pay for such a victory?

Would also give you the 2/3 majority in both houses to enable a 3rd term. (After the jail terms for Democrats who are pretending not to see the issues exposed by Foxfire).

I don’t ask a cent like I said.

Steve Maynard
CEO Foxfire. 


(Republican Senate Retention.

For Republicans to hold onto the Senate majority, they need a net loss of no more than two seats. For Democrats to win control, they need a net gain of four seats.

Republican victory in Congress.

Assuming they can win back Michigan that would give them 202 seats. They would still need an additional net gain of 16 seats to reach 218 to win the majority).

Update 28/7/2020

RE U.S. - Australia Defence Summit.

Mark Esper and Mike Pompeo,

It’s cute they sent the girls to the table (Karens I think is the word). But ... back in the real adult world. Can you trust a cheater? Australia sold the U.S. out for decades for money and local power.  Not to mention that President Trump deserves another term and any bullshit concessions you get from Australia will be overturned slowly as your Economy nose dives.  You want to negotiate... you talk to me.

Regards Steve Maynard
CEO Foxfire

Update 17/7/2020

When exactly did the Democrats find out about the Foxfire.TV/CN Corona Virus Control Hub? It was clearly a worry for their power even if it meant the death toll would be dramatically less. The House Intelligence commitees were all advised of the Hub (and would have heard indirectly) 130,000 people are dead because they clearly saw the issues and closed their minds to the possibilities and the hope in the Portal but felt America should just be run by the Democrat (or if absolutely necessary - the Republicans, with no input that is counter to that balance and they were aided and abetted by the Media (even right wing Media).

Remember that death toll, its going to rise because these people wanted the status quo above all else. President Trump offers hope because he believes in America. 
His belief in America is how he fights on so many fronts, the Mass Media , big Departments like FBI and CIA,  the afore mentioned Political Parties. (All of who seem oblivious to the moral implications of their daily lies). 

The ball is in your court Attorney General Barr, I am unable to force this into the open in the U.S. and am illegally gagged in Australia. 

Update 26/6/2020

President Trump, John Bolton has of course hit the nail on the head. That mainstream can undo everything you have done if you are a 1 term President, but maybe not if you have 2 terms. Don't worry, I will force him to make a grovelling apology for what he has said. 

We need to be aware that virtually every single American is unhappy with the way the mainstream in Politics and Media do exactly what they want while mouthing a few platitudes (for example Black Lives) when they had decades to address, (including with President Obama at the wheel)!

I can meet Attorney General Barr at the Melbourne Consulate to discuss the legal ramifications of Foxfire. The U.S. Supreme Court Justices need to be involved and I am available for any questions they have.  My vast letter and email campaigns are on hold as I am sure my communications are being tampered with. In any case the paper trail is inarguable especially at U.S. Anti Trust.

The fact is mainstream have engineered a landslide against you for simply being a patriot. You deserve this victory. Your opponents are at least partially in bed with your enemies. 

We must all remember that any election held in 2020 would be pointless-  after all I decided the 2016 election, (the FBI must have broken the law thousands of times) all in the name of keeping power exactly where it is. The Founding Fathers must be turning in their graves.  

****We should remember how we got to this place. 130,000 dead Americans. Congress felt the biggest story in the world was some pointless bimbo Stormy and whether she had been paid off. Do we really think this didnt desensitive the Republicans? This and the other "huge" stories since then. There is a big Congressional hearing on Big Tech and whether they have had negative effects. You can bet Foxfire wont be called on. These people are self serving criminals President Trump. I implore you to start making arrests. *****

Update 20/05/2020

President Trump, with all due respect we are on the clock here. You must realise that mainstream will attempt to pin criminal charges on you.  Barr will be dismissed if you are voted out.  All I.G.s will be reinstated.  Antitrust against U.S. Media will need time to get wound up even with strategic leaks.

If you are voted out it will be business as usual for the Democrats and mainstream entities. Don Jr and Ivanka can kiss any political future goodbye. You will be forced into sniping from the sidelines of right wing media and your position there will be undermined by losses by Republicans in November. Even Senators and Congressmen who have been in for decades could fall at this rate.

If you have enough on the Democrats get them to withdraw Biden at the last minute, which will force them to put forward Sanders who has no chance against you (I don’t have anything against him but is widely believed to be a lefty commie in America.)

I repeat my loyalty to yourself and to the U.S. (I am a big picture person).

Update 07/05/2020

President Trump, you must realize where this is heading. Establishment authority will retake control. Both Senate and Congress.

They simply want to keep the status quo and are uninterested in China or Foxfire because it doesn't affect them personally. (They are thinking China won’t take dominance for 20 years).

Small measures wont work. Quashing postal voting in the hopes your base will be more motivated will simply allow your opponents to claim your indifference to human life.

I do not say this lightly. You need to dissolve these institutions on the grounds of wide spread corruption. Use emergency powers to do a full vote of both houses while presenting to the American public what went on behind the scenes. If this means arrest of House “Intelligence” probes so be it.

Instruct Barr to proceed with Anti Trust case against all U.S. Media examining all correspondence about Foxfire. I don’t suggest lawsuits against the Democrats. I feel the situation warrants emergency measures. What they have done… pretending they don’t see the key issues is tantamount to Treason.

Your reliance on centre Republican support and right wing Media is an Achilles heel. They will go for the money in the final analysis. Your patriotism is clear and obvious. With all due respect… your duty is clear. America first, the U.S. people first. And a shining future for America. 

Corona Virus Update 29/3/2020

As the White House urgently looks at Australia and its response to Corona Virus it needs to keep in mind the key issues. 

Foxfire was offered to Australian "authorities" for control of a disaster situation within a democratic framework. The key issue was they wanted to keep full control and 
felt that if they kept position and wealth it didnt really matter they collapsed a trillion dollar economy and millions of Australians were screwed. 

If Foxfire took first click control and the Government did the obvious... closed the borders immediately we would now have a flourishing economy. 
remember we are a remote island with no over surface arrivals even under normal circumstances. 
The Governments 20 year war on online sales had dangerously exposed Australian retailers to disaster which has come in the form of a pandemic. 
(was going to happen anyway , this just brought it forward. 

Australian Politicians with their lackeys in the permanent institutions like the Federal Police will pay dearly for their crimes when President Trump acts. 

President Trump I am at your service when you need me. I suspect the meeting between Barr, Conway your daughter Ivanka and the untried criminal Dutton was on this 
subject. My version of events is provable and inarguable. 

U.S. Election update. 

6th March 2020-03-06

Establishment authority as well as Democrats have conspired to resuscitate Joe Biden (not what you would call Democracy) obviously supposing that Sanders can’t beat President Trump. Obviously didn’t occur to them to let Americans decide.

Corona Virus update.

6th march 2020-03-06

The disaster management qualities of Foxfire were of course presented to Australian “authorities” but they felt millions of dead Americans didn’t really warrant them losing their canapés. (Australian wealth is entirely in natural resources. We were given a worthless continent (not independence) in 1900 just before the resources boom. I repeat Australian politicians are a cartel of criminals despite outward appearances of totalitarianism or banana republic. Amazing how effective pretending to be politically correct is. 


 It seems to me the White House needs a Media outlet that is not corrupt. One that doesnt put the dollar first and can be relied on to keep things in context.
A Media outlet that has global reach and impeccable honesty. 
Please see Foxfire.TV/CN Global Media Portal.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Streaming update.

 A little reminder to Disney Plus, Netflix and the other 6 players in streaming. A U.S. Supreme Court decision going my way will hand me Global control of Streaming.
Letting Congress illegally cover this up is not helping you. I dont care about streaming... so one of you needs to get off your backsides and open this up. Neither Senate nor Congressional probes nor Justice nor Defence Intelligence care about your revenue streams except indirectly, they are talking, secretly, about who to criminally prosecute. Open it up  and we can talk. I will make it worth your while - whoever does it. 

Update 11th November 2019

I have a lot of time for the White House as I am sure is clear from what I have written. But If you are planning Nikki Haley as Vice President I would remind you of the term 
Pyrrhic victory.  You may win 2020 but the cost will be high. Much of the country will despise her. Better to go with Foxfire and I will hand you a crushing victory. 

Update18th October 2019.

I would have like to have been a fly on the wall of the Barr- Murdoch meeting. You can imagine Barr pointing out that though its widely known that Australia blocks it Media companies, that if Newscorp was involved (it was) heads will roll. If it can be proven that Newscorp was part of an illegal deal with the Australian Government to block Foxfire (and God knows who else) from the market there would be more than just global outrage; U.S. Media would be totally discredited and I remind CNN of my strength in this area.
I am mentioning CNN because I get my American news from them. Rank and file members should have a think about Management decisions. 
(As for Newscorp in Australia it should be remembered has about 2 readers outside of Australia. Foxtel and 170 pointless rags they own here would also be worthless). Everything Newscorp has overseas was built on these crimes. 

Americans should probably ignore Australian press reports from today that started....

" the six media organisations, including the ABC, Nine, and News Corp, appeared at the first public hearing of the inquiry yesterday, appealing for urgent legal reform".

This bunch of circus clowns "The National Congress of the Self Serving Party of Australiais the party's highest decision-making institution when the Politburo, the Central Committee and the National Congress are not in session. Sorry I must be thinking of something else...

These clowns debating Media restrictions have full knowledge of Foxfire. They are soon going to be living under a bridge. (if they are not in jail doing favours for the lifers).

Just to reiterate. Australian Politicians, Media and Defence Intelligence have committed Treason and criminal conspiracy and corruption in the name of keeping power where it is. (And given they are able to... what deals have they made with communists and terrorists)?

To say the Australian Federal Police are only corrupt in relation to Media is a laughable claim. Corruption is Corruption. 

We live in interesting times. 

Attorney General Barr, I am open to a deal but not a cover up. President Trump I know is interested in stamping out corruption. As mentioned this is an exposure of corruption not foreign interference. I am totally at liberty to offer a landslide victory in 2020 for in return for simply enforcing the law and Constitution.
(I will demand gargantuan damages to be donated to the Republican effort for 2020). I am supportive of Nationalism over Globalism and the Republicans seem to have a grasp on the importance of this matter that Nationalism supports civilization, Globalism has been supporting too many scum. 

Update 7th October 2019.

Various senior House Democrats Like Ms Pelosi have made snide remarks about "conspirancy theories"  I am guessing they are referring to me. Democrats should keep it in mind that there is no chance all your institutions obeyed the law when receiving a letter from me. And if House Democrats covered it up- they will not get a single seat for a generation.

Its the same as if you noticed Chinese paratroopers over Alaska and decided it wouldnt be a vote winner to report it. Its called Treason and corruption and I will be testifying at your trial Rep. Adam Schiff Ms Pelosi and all others who know about this. 

Senator Graham, you surely are not taking Hockeys assurances... he is a lying sack of &*^% . Australia doesnt have checks and balances -  you can see that by how things played out for Foxfire. 
Billions of dollars have been laundered through Australia. 1000,s of agents have been infiltrated (by Australia only welcoming migrants that are rich) and from here they go to the U.S. with a clean bill of health. And dont get me started on the whole Chinese infiltration of universities thing, dont want to upset our overlords.

I will sit a lie detector for your office. The CIA and FBI are too happy with the status quo and illegally conspiring against President Trump to actually chase the truth. You must surely realise this is not foreign interference in your election as Democrats are falsely claiming... its an exposure of corruption in both of our Governments.

Update 30th September 2019.

President Trump should have used an unsecured email server to do any back room deals like Ms Clinton. Too bad you are too honest Sir. Now the House Democrats can ignore the fact that Diplomats, Presidents and Kings have for thousands of years have done back room deals and pretend they actually care about the Ukraine matter.
Again I implore you President Trump, instruct Attorney General Barr to act on the information gleaned by the probes and start arresting these liars. I suggest starting with House controlled probes. That will open up the matter in Australia and I will flush these turds here around the S bend.  

Asking Morrison is problematic Mr President. He is going to jail, what do you think he is going to answer? he and the other half dozen people who control Australia are going to jail, their personal wealth will be stripped in the civil courts. There is no deal on offer to Australians and they dont dare kill me with your Security forces staring at everything they do. 

Ms Pelosi... why is it you think Barr has gone "Rogue", he is investigating my charge that establishment authority in America is 99% trying to keep the status quo regardless of the future.. a future that has China overtaking your Economy in 20 years. President Trump seems the only one not comfortable with that. 

What do you say Mr President, simply instruct Barr to obey U.S. Law and Constitution and I hand you 2020 on a plate discrediting all internal enemies. (And incidently a huge win on the World stage).

I must stress to any allies I have in the Democrat camp. I am not partisan. You say many good things, but the corruption generally in your institutions is *&***(*^% unbelievable

Update 15th September 2019.

All Senate and Congressional probes are aware of this matter, there are ongoing investigations at ICIG, OSC and U.S. Antitrust. The FBI have a large open investigation.
There can be only one reason for this not coming out. My original mail out in 2016 did go through to senior members of the U.S. Government and there was an agreement to block knowledge from President Trump. Attorney General Barr has obviously uncovered the scale of this. Mike Pompeo (Then CIA Director) was obviously aware and Im guessing brought it to the attention of main Republican players. (Note I had sent paper letters to Mr Pompeo, surely these are traceable)? This doesnt mean the President knew of this matter early enough to nip it in the bud. Slapping a trade embargo on Australia would have Global ramifications.
I repeat people, what you are doing is crazy dangerous. I didnt even know what the dark web was when the largest of my mail outs went out. Anyone at all could have this.
I am at your service (not for a cover up). I have no need to apply for sanctuary at a Russian Embassy (or Ecuadorian Consulate) I have done nothing wrong, and I serve Democracy.
President Trump, This is a Treason matter, these highly glib people who are sounding off at you with subtle innuendo understand this matter and how it relates to National Security.
You cannot withhold information from the President. He needs this information to deal with other nations. 

Update 19 August 2019.

I would advise Representative Nadler (Nadler is the chair of the U.S. House Committee on the Judiciary) and Speaker Pelosi. You are playing with a Treason charge. You are both obviously aware
of this matter and you are weighing up how many votes are in it. The Democrats will not win a single seat in 2020 if this comes out and it is indeed true you knew and covered it up. 
House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff is also a candidate for a long jail term. 
As for frontrunners for 2020. Well it depends on how much they know. I never wrote directly to them as I was expecting to win after 2016 (stakes are much higher now though).
Joseph Biden, Mayor Pete Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris should be forced to sit lie detector tests on this matter. 

Update 12th April. 2019

Although Foxfire has nothing to do with Wikileaks (though I bet the Australian Federal Police and ASIO have made this lie to try to save their own skins) I can't help but lament the fall of what is Australia’s only alternative Media source. The toxic lies to get him to this state makes me want to vomit. However I must admit that if the Americans can get extradition It could lead to some interesting history coming out. Wikileaks will launch anything they have. I repeat Foxfire has had no communications with Wikileaks and if any Australian "authority" (i.e. untried criminal) makes this claim... I will see you in Court and you can expect no mercy. If you had an ounce of honour you would fall on your sword and save everyday Australians a load of pain.

(Note Foxfire is an illegally suppressed main stream player not alternative Media).

Hopefully President Trump has been warned that Hockey personally put the illegal gag in place in consultation with then Prime Minister Howard. (and was rewarded with the Ambassadorship)
Conroy (former Communications Minister Im guessing will be next Ambassador because of his illegal involvement in gag).
The gag that has jeopardized U.S. National Security and threatens all it has built up for 200 years.

1st March 2019.

Update on Mueller Investigation.

If Mueller is covering up Comeys involvement in the Foxfire matter he is about to hand me control of the U.S. Economy and put himself into a jail cell for 40 years. Lets face it, how likely is it that he doesnt know about Foxfire personally? Given the vast mail outs to U.S. Law firms mentioned above (and incidently to all Attorney Generals since Holder as well as hundreds of paper letters to prominent U.S. figures (many of whom are in the news a lot lately)).

President Trump would do well to look at this matter with very hard eyes. It would after all destroy the credibility of all his enemies in one go. (Although this was not my target, I am simply fed up with the corruption).

Although I would like to stay out of American Politics it would be remiss of me not to comment at all. Democrats do not care about IF (I am not suggesting these things are true) the President has dodged tax, ripped off people in business or had extramarital affairs. The are simply looking for a weak spot to get rid of an elected President. What is good for America seems to have been totally forgotten. His crime is to be anti establishment. Americans made it quite clear they dont want "business as usual" and as such the President has a mandate for change. (not to mention the Economy is looking better and he was strong with the Chinese on Trade). These 2 points cannot be understated against the points the Democrats are attacking on. None of these people at the top even Ms Pelosi, could care about the Presidents "disrespect of women" not to the point of losing votes or money. This is just one example of a host of areas.

The Russia probes are a different matter. I dont doubt there is some genuine concern about the Presidents dealings with Putin.Congress is made up of older people after all. (No disrespect intended. I am at your service whenever you choose to stop illegally pretending this is not a huge issue). However it must be remembered this is not the Cold War. The President is in his 70s and possibly didn't believe he would win the Presidency. He has been in business all those years and in any case many analysts would argue that Russia is a possible ally in the real issue China.

Mr President, Sir, you are doing a good job, keep it up and be confident there are many people in America and around the World who see what is a "beat up" and what is actually important. Establishment authority knows I have a sword to their throat and will act for America and for the people of the World. Vested interests have for a thousand years acted this way. But decent people yearn for a fairer safer World without these ammoral people lying to get their way.


Corruption in the United States and Australia.

Corruption in the 21st Century is simply pretending not to recognize facts, and by this standard the U.S. and Australia are the most corrupt countries on the planet. The handful of people that run Australia in politics and Media didnt, apparently, recognize the Internet was a thing. Access to the Internet through Telstra (effectively a State Owned Utility) and cutting edge technology like facial recognition in the pretend National Security game (more on that below), yes. But the big ticket items, Search - Online Sales and Social Media The Goverments viewpoint was ... "Huh, i dont get it; I dont get how this could be relevent". Of course all Politicians and Media Owners have Google, Amazon and Facebook on their computers but the idea that Australia could get in on this was apparently not relevent.


Even China has been sensible in key areas and not simply self serving, they showed some common sense on IT like Alibaba and a host of other areas).

A word of warning to Australian Pollies, Federal Police and Defence Intelligence staff. Every single one of you will not only go to jail, I will strip every cent you ever earned from you in the civil courts and you will come out of jail to a very changed world. You want to rethink your illegal war? If and when the Americans act all decisions will be taken out of your hands.

Americans should keep it in mind that Australia was worthless when granted limited self rule. The trillion dollars worth of mineral wealth and latent tourism value came after Federation. Australian Politicians did not cause or help this wealth.
The areas of actual decision making like being Pro American in 1940 was entirely dictated by the issues of the day (Imperial Japan) Anything they had to show forethought was a total disaster. Witness the recent implosion of retail. Witness the infrastructure issues that came with large scale immigration (itself dictated by how much in fees these people could pay). Witness the laughable state of Digital Media. Witness the toadying to Communist China.

The immediate implication of U.S. corruption.

Corruption in America is so much more dangerous than the small pond of Australia. For example the U.S. disaster management plan (in the event of a terrible worst case scenario like Ebola out of control or incoming Nukes) is to keep the situation secret long enough to rush "essential" personnel to Cheyenne Mountain or wherever else seems safe. This "plan" would kill 320 million Americans in short order.


The amazing thing about the Internet is that all Americans can be warned of the danger and best course of action in seconds. Of course establishment need time to grab their kids and wine etc (not sure what is meant by essential personnel anyway- everyone can be replaced). President Trump would be the one President in U.S. history that wouldnt immediately rush the Washington elite to safety. Sensible middle class Democrats should probably take this point in. Another point
to remember is that just 20 years ago Polical Correctness meant pretending to care about something you dont actually care about, its no suprise the Media went to war on this term as it defines what they are. The mere fact that Russia and China dont do political correctness is a lesson in itself.

Terrorism was never a threat to America, and yes of course I know the 1000's of innocent American lives lost but America itself was never threatened. Establishment America recognised it was a chance to tighten control and took their eyes off the ball; China. This simple equation was treason and stupidity and I doubt the CIA were dumb enough not to see it coming. There was obviously political self serving interference. China has 1.1 billion people under a semi slave economy with no significant rights for workers, how was that not a disaster in the making for America? Russia is not the Soviet Union, its economy is the same size as Australia's. Many would argue Australia has harmed the U.S. (in its collaboration with China), far more than Russia ever did.

The Medias role in the U.S. election can't be understated. A judge has recently lambasted Cohen re payments to strippers entirely omitting the key point that most Americans dont care what President Trump does with his personal life. The issue is what the Media could do with the stories was the danger point for the election campaign. President Trumps election team were forced into acts to deal with the illegal Media/Opposition attacks.
All Americans resent illegal immigrants over that southern border, but what do we see? "President Trump is cruel and heartless" written or implied in every News outlet on Earth. Media garbage and the President is right to attack them on this. The President has suggested a wall which has made him a target for mockery. But surely there are variations that can be looked at that would show respect to the President and address the issue. What about an electronic wall using the recent defence spend on Hololens?


Streaming Portal


Update 3rd April 2019.

U.S. Dept. of Justice compromised. Attorney General Barr, its not worth it.

Risking your Economy to protect some second rate criminals in Australia.

The U.S. public should keep in mind the U.S. Attorney General's office knew of this matter when deciding on the Mueller report. Attorney General Barr has been given the uneviable task of covering this up in the face of the largest mail out in history with the added problem that the longer this drags out the more chance an outraged citizen will drop this in a way it cant be blocked. The U.S. public should also keep in mind the upcoming Australian Federal election is as tainted as the worst banana republic; albeit with a politically correct veneer.

As the U.S. Justice Department weighs its options on this CRIMINAL COURT matter...

I am happy to waive my right to sue American Politicians, Companies or individuals if we can come to agreement.

Again I warn U.S. Media. Are you sure you want to risk everything you have? Throw Australia to the wolves and we can talk.

Short list for people going to Jail for pretending not to recognise the implication of Foxfire in their illegal attacks on President Trump.

Federal Jurisdictions
The United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York

The United States Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Virginia

The United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia

Department of Justice (Public Integrity Section)

Other State and Local Investigations

State Attorneys General Investigating Trump’s Inauguration Committee

New York State

and New York CityState Attorneys General Suing Trump or His OrganizationsOther State Court Probes


The House Intelligence Committee

The House Financial Services Committee

The House Oversight Committee
The House Judiciary Committee

The House Ways and Means Committee

The House Foreign Affairs Committee

I would prefer custodial jail sentences for all implicated


·         Australian Politicians

·         Senior members of ASIO

·         Senior members of Defence       Signals

·         Senior members of the Australian Federal Police.
Break up of our laughable Media. (They have no assets of any value).
Sacking of all compromised ACCC and other ombudsman staff.


This quote from today (June 2019} makes me wonder if jail time would not be more appropriate.
ACCC chairman Rod Sims said its relationship with the FBI had deepened in recent years, and there were "significant benefits" for the ACCC in learning the techniques and approaches the US law enforcement agency took to cartel and competition law.

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