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I love writing content that people love to read.
Writing is my passion. Every project I take on (and I take on a lot of projects!) is embraced wholeheartedly, and with total dedication. Whether its an RPG or a game cube game I invest my heart and soul in ensuring that everything is delivered on time, and to my complete satisfaction. My Reviews include everything from article and blog writing to comprehensive social media offerings. My goal is to make sure that your best voice comes through, in any medium that you choose. I love to write, and it shows!
Ancestors The Humankind Odyssey
Our World in Anime
We are so excited about seeing your designs on the street. We make a 3d representation of your house and family in our virtual worlds  based on the real world as real or idealised as you like. (but needs to be in the same spot) Someone can walk up to your door and knock in the virtual world (can be blocked). There is no anonimity in our Virtual world for your safety. 
In addition to making sure that every item we produce to your satisfaction we also strive to make everything look great, too! Our products are usable (your avatar can sit and watch TV or play a game. You work hard. We pamper your home life every step of the way. We have special shows on TV to help you renovate,  learn new things, school kids study guides which are approved by almost all schools. , find a life partner or just hang out. 
Whiteboards and Concept Art

School of Thought
In the only triple AAA game to be made in Australia we take pride in every detail.
Unlike Fallout 76, we understand gamers are loners and stronger for it. 
A simple start.. village life a journey a challenge.. its not hard. Australia doesnt need to produce an endless variety of Playstation 1 games to impress that we are really "Indie" conscious. 
Whiteboards and Concept Art


South Seas Adventure
3 boys stowaway on a clipper bound for the South Seas in the 18th Century.
In addition to making sure that every town and village comes alive in the U.K. parrt of the story we also are produce a real, dynamic, day night cycle and believable ship board life. Live the adventure with all the bad bits left in !!!
Whiteboards and Concept Art