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Welcome to our website!

We have launched this website to highlight rampant corruption in Australian Government and Media. Corruption in the 21st Century is not about accepting an envelope full of used notes. This would be on camera, Taxation would want to know where it came from. Someone would inform. No. Australia has pioneered 1st World corruption. Pretending not to see the relevence of things like the rise of China, which, for Australia, is just another diplomatic factor, while it pays lip service to American policy.
Australian analysts are all carefully advising the tight rope of not offending our biggest trading partner China and not offending the Americans who we rely on for Defence,
totally oblivious to the obvious point that America is not a rogue state. It stands for Justice integrity, humanity and individuality. It matters not to the ethical person whether they are in decline or not. (Relative decline, and this is despite the Americans having both Russia and China on the ropes 30 years ago).

Australia has been totally oblivious to the Internet for 20 years for the simple reason the half dozen people who control Australia between their pretend elections dont have a significant website between them.

Australia recognised nothing significant. Access to the Internet through what is effectively a State owned utility Telstra, yes they recognised that straight away, after all our NBN is 10 years old, when it was started it was cutting edge. It has become an embarrasing white elephant because the Government doesn't understand the subject and were not interested in what was good for Australia. Everyone in industry recognised mobile data (5G) could undermine the NBN.
Thanks to our laughable Media (for the non Australian reader I will insert the current Media landscape). Our Media puts out garbage relying in film on Crocodile Dundee from 1986, in TV on Neighbors from 1985. Music from AC/DC and INXS from the same era. Gaming is non existent (the Government presumes anti establishment elements are involved, which is probably true but Bethesda and EA havent tried violent overthrow of Government to my knowledge.

  • Nine Fairfax (2 dinosaurs mating).
  • ABC/SBS Government mouthpiece.
  • 10 (bought by CBS)
  • 7 trivial local player.
  • (MSN and Newscorp are American).

(Australian current affairs shows are generally Mcdonalds like clones, usually American - like 60 Minutes. U.S. conglomerates have been opened to vast civil and criminal actions by the U.S. Justice Department for Australian shows not running Foxfire as a news item. It is after all the biggest hard news story in history).

Australia has linked Media and sporting "success"to Patriotism in a way not seen since the cold war It has pioneered the Social credit scheme which has been subsequently adopted by China. (for example ignoring youth crime but making sure permanent record follows you from 18 years old. ditto bank mortgages; you cant just walk away like in the U.S. ). Centrelink, NDIS databases and the electoral role are (apparently) for the Government to crack down on dissent - and you thought Saudi Arabia was bad? On that subject...
Both Australia and Saudi Arabia came into being about the same time, both on the British side of WW1, both had enormous latent wealth and a handful of people controlling it (by coincidence). The U.S. seems unable to stamp on corruption in Saudi Arabia because of the Financial aspects of the relationship. This limitation would not stop America stamping on the self serving untried criminals here. Make no mistake Australian politicians are criminals, even if they are not quietly doing favours to the Chinese Government,
lets face it they are, merely leaving the IT / Media gap for the Chinese to rush into was criminal.

The latest world first demands about unlocking decryption and the laughable claim its to protect Australians from Terrorism. The agenda , like China's, is to stamp on dissent and is aimed partially at me. Our corrupt Federal Police know they all go to jail if the Americans act.

In Media our one semi success has been childrens TV, but what Totalitarian Government in the history of the World didnt think it was clever to "educate" the children with their dumb arsed world view. For example 'team work and lack of individuality', which figure prominently in corporate and Government proganda, is it correct? I mean, for example only... being self centred is surely more a road to success for an individual? Australian Media's idea of education is a bit like that scene in Pixars Wall-E, where the kids are sitting in front of a huge TV..."Buy and Large is your very best friend"!!
There is not a single show on Australian TV that would show children in a non conformist setting, think of an adventure show that offers a child main character who might set out on a possibly one way journey, the very essence of adventure. The corrupt Goverment has deeply affected everyday Australians who have access to all the tools necessary to create mass media TV. The propaganda has so affected the population and all Australians would say our Media is cutting edge. What? in what way is it cutting edge?
As mentioned our "success" in movies? Since Crocodile Dundee we have had the odd small hit with shows that pretend they care about indigenous or ethnic minorities. Portraying them as "human" , ie. all their loves and fears and hopes. Of course there is some money in that. Never in all my years did I think that non white Australians were less equal. I only ever saw them as having less opportunities.
There is a half dozen A list actors. However in context you would hardly say they are essential to American movies. They were hired, initially, as they were cheap and unknown, a huge advantage in a movie that might be relying on global box office. In a fantasy or super hero type genre, a whole cast of American accents would detract from global box office sales.
TV is equally laughable, I saw an ad. saying how pirating is costing us jobs, implying its at the heart of our issues. What? is there a big market for pirating Neighbours?
The 50,000 people mentioned in another laughable Government propaganda ad for copyright are the same as Chinese CCTV personnel. Government employees in all but name. We dont have anything worth copyright to the global audience.

Many of these matters are going to the Supreme Court, but just to highlight the criminal counter pressure on Australian Media for my American readers. Can you remember the 1995 film Waterworld? Critical and commercial failure (it eventually made money) Had nothing to do with Australia, but imagine what a great game it would have made in the Fallout genre and Game of thrones type miniseries!
America doesnt need this, it has a heap of projects that are similiar but for Australia, when you have a look at our laughable movie industry... And of course we didnt and dont see it this way. Some second rate halfwits had control and for some reason (?) thought it would be better if they kept control and screw the country.
America has Sesame Street but it is not Government funded in the same way that Playschool and the Wiggles are here. These local programs are simply propaganda, slightly more sophisticated than was done by Totalitarian regimes of the past. In any case they are hardly significant when we should have been a competitor for Pixar/Disney.