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Corruption in the Developed World

Foxfire Paper trail in U.S. Security organs

After my vast mail out to large U.S. Law firms, all of whom would have seen the relevence and significance in light of the Mueller probe; we can expect that many of them raised the matter as an urgent National Security concern with State and Justice. Individuals there decided to break U.S. law and pretend they were looking into it.
In this day an age you cant make a single comment or tweet in anonimity, all is traceable. So why is it possible that I can write half a million letters and emails over a 10 year period alleging that the FBI have illegally colluded in a cover up with the Australian Federal Police. Do Americans think I have the slightest chance of a Court appearance?

Corruption in the Developed World is pretending not to recognise the significance of something that might undermine your personal (or your Parties) position.
In Australia, the term Bipartisan means Labour and Liberals have illegally colluded on something to keep the status quo with no thought whatsoever on what was good for the country in general. For example over the last 10 years over a million immigrants came to Australia, and its effect on voting? Zero, nothing, Nada. Whether they sat down to discuss it is a moot point, it comes to the same thing (it would however add 10 years to their jail sentences if they did discuss it).
These 2 parties are what the Communist Party is to China. Nothing can be entertained outside of their petty world view. Using their funding power over the Federal Police, Defence Intelligence and the various Watchdogs they circumvent all competing opinions with the vehemence of China itself.
The obvious similarities between China and Australia are a shiver down the spine. One political party, laughably limited Media which is either in bed with Government or shut down by market pressure. 4 banks acting as 1 bank with different products. Massive powers to the States Intelligence organs, power which is rubber stamped in Government.
Medicare is wanted by all Australians, but the politicians illegally (in a Democracy) moved us to the American system of private insurance. Why? well we can only guess as it wasn't done legally. Probably it was more profitable that way.

When one looks at the measures China has taken it must be remembered they are our biggest trading partner. What have they taken off us? Australia jumped into bed with China before the Vietnam war dead were even cold (in the 70's) and enthusiastically jumped on the Media bandwagon that all forms of Government are OK and we shouldn't judge those that are different. Entirely indifferent to the fact the Media were doing that attitude for a profit.

The recent banning of Winnie the Pooh pictures (allegedly because the physical resemblance to their leader) reminds of the Australian Governments instruction to all its Departments to simply ignore Foxfires attempt to take control of the U.S. Economy. They should't have had this option, there were a myriad of people pretending to look at corruption that should have intervened.

One is reminded of Germany in the 1930's. Lets say your gentle wife was picked up in the street and made to scrub it for her presumed filthiness (for being Jewish) you may well have thought there were hundreds of avenues for justice... Military, Civilian tribunals and Ombudsman. But there was no way forward.

The History of Australia is changed beyond all recognition.

Unlike America we didnt fight a war of independence (the American General George Washington had 50,000 troops in the field), Australia went hat in hand to the British in the 1880s asking if we could look after some of our own affairs (not independence, we are still not independent). In 1900 this was granted as Federation (basically self rule in all non important areas). It must be remembered Australia was utterly worthless in 1900 so the British were hardly giving up anything. Britain is courting absolute disaster already with its hard Brexit, what will happen to their Economy when its widely known they conspired against Foxfire within the Leveson Enquiry.
When the British abandoned Australia in 1940 (they faced imminent land invasion and were rightly totally focussed on that) Australia... like a waif in the wilderness looked for a new mummy. Enter the U.S. who probably didnt realise what an ungrateful and self serving child we were. A half dozen second rate bureaucrats ran the colony who passed their mantle to others of the same second rate and self serving nature for the next century.

The Mueller Probe.

The Mueller probe is intent on finding wrongdoings in relation to Russia, despite the obvious fact that China is far more of a danger. The illegal FBI cover up could hand me control of the U.S. Economy. Americans might ponder whose side they are on.

My advice to the FBI, when you are forced to do your job; is to look for the older crimes. Australian Politicians have become adept in using advisors and spin doctors but pretending to be politically correct. But 10 years ago they would have made a raft of errors. If you hit a brick wall pass it to State who can apply Trade Sanctions or embargo, after all these self serving people have handed everything to China. I would surmise all succesful new business in Australia would have external money in them and with 180,000 immigrants (this year alone) are they checking or just taking money from them, for example people from India have a great respect for Democracy but what about money from Chinese Nationals? After all China believes that expatriates are still under their juristiction; talk about a sting in the tail.

The recent backstab of Turnbull is very suspicious. Dutton as Minister for Federal Police and Defence Intelligence would have known Turnbull was compromised in the Foxfire matter. Dutton had no chance of leadership and I suspect the whole matter was orchestrated. It was of limited use though as I intend to have both the Liberal and Labour parties deregistered. And a word of warning to all Pollies, Federal Police and Defence Intelligence personel. EVERYONE of you are going to jail if the Americans act.